7 Effective Home Remedies For Constipation

Home Remedies For Constipation

Research indicates that constipation is a common issue in both adults and children. Notably, in every four American adults, one suffers constipation.  Besides, it indicates that bowel movement issues and problems are more common in most women than they are in men.  Some of the things that may cause constipation include medication, sleeplessness was well as improper dieting.

Other key issues or factors are hormonal imbalances and inactivity, as well as food sensitivity.  Whereas, there are over the counter- treatments that can deal with the problem, using this medication can cause dependency as well as other health-harming side effects.  Fortunately, there exist several home remedies that can be vital in keeping away constipation and its effects. Using these remedies can be crucial in eliminating the problem.

Here are 7 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation


One method of keeping away and avoiding constipation is maintaining hydration.  You need to drink sufficient amounts of healthy fluids.  This is essential for softening the stool and improving the movements of the bowels.  It is advisable to take water, vegetable smoothies and fruit juices as well as herbal tea. All these fluids are vital for providing hydration.  They are vital for the well functioning of the digestive system. A healthy diet plan, should have several and sufficient fluids in a day. Avoid unhealthy, fizzy, sugary drinks.

2.Healthy Fats

Healthy fats can help the digestive process if taken regularly. Healthy fats include Omega-3, flax seeds, coconut as well as olive oil.  They are all vital in stimulating your digestive system.  Also include avocados and nuts in your meals. These products are critical and vital in lubricating the intestine and therefore ensuring that there is a smooth flow of food in the digestive tract. Consequently, they help to avoid constipation.

3.Lemon Juice

This natural laxative has citric acid.  It is vital for the process of flushing out toxins from the body.  You need to use a cup or glass of warm water each day with one lemon.  This is essential for the natural detox process. At the same time, it is essential in preventing constipation and other digestive system issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


When you move the body during exercise, even the digestive system, especially the intestines, tends to move.  This, therefore, implies that more time spent exercising is vital for improving the bowel movements.  At the same time, it is vital in relieving stress, which could be a major cause of constipation.

5.Healthy Diet

Apparently, eating well and healthy can improve digestion and thus prevent constipation.  It is advisable to include several food varieties, especially those that contain vitamins E and C. Dark and leafy vegetables are vital and can help to fight and stop constipation.  Also, get used to unprocessed grains, nuts, and beans. It is also critical to make fruits and vegetable smoothies to improve digestion and reduce the risk of constipation.  Evidently, a healthy diet is crucial in improving the digestion process and thus preventing constipation.

6.Create a Routine

Depending on the routines we engage in, each day, the body can regulate itself.  You have to schedule a particular time to go to the bathroom even when the urge to eliminate is absent.  You need to give the body the chance to learn and get used to new habits.  If you train the body, then the bowel movements can get regular. This is essential in preventing constipation.

7.Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw and unprocessed honey is a natural laxative and is vital and critical in relieving and stopping constipation.  It has the enzymes and essential minerals that make the digestive system easier and faster.  It is thus vital in inducing the proper movement of the bowel and therefore helps to avoid constipation. This aids in improving the digestive system. It boosts the digestion flow to include the bowel movements. It thus works for prevention of issues that are related to constipation.

All these remedies are safe and natural. They do not come with any dangerous or life–threatening side effects.  Apart from avoiding and preventing constipation, they promote good health. It is, therefore, vital and crucial to incorporate them in our daily diets.  Another critical benefit is that they are inexpensive, and you get them easily in the market.  It is thus critical to use these natural cures instead of considering over the counter medication for treatment. Also, keep in mind the need for proper and healthy diet as well as the intake of water and other healthy fluids. They are all key and vital in improving the digestion process and thus keeping constipation away. Also, be keen and have a list of unhealthy habits to break. This includes over snacking and using unhealthy drinks such as soda

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