Harris Health System to offer free solar panels to low-income residents

A health system in North Carolina is offering free solar power to low income residents.

Harrison Health System, which has around 4,000 people in Northampton County, will offer solar panels, free of charge, to low and moderate income households.

The solar panels are a way for people to connect to the local electricity grid and help reduce their electric bills, said John Fosburgh, chief operating officer.

“We are trying to provide an affordable, effective way to reduce our carbon footprint,” he said.

Harris Health System is the latest in a string of health systems offering solar to low to moderate income residents in recent years.

In 2013, a group of health care providers launched the Harris Community Solar Project, a solar project that helps low- and moderate-income people reduce their utility bills by up to 60 percent.

In 2016, the City of New Haven installed about 100 solar panels on several residential buildings in a partnership with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as part of its Clean Energy Program.

In 2017, the Connecticut Health Department began offering free access to the state’s Department of Health Solar Program, which helps residents reduce their electricity bills by 50 percent, and in 2018, the state and the state government signed an agreement to build a solar farm in Harrison.

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