How to save $2.2 billion in Oregon health care costs by 2024

Encompassing a broad range of services, Oregon Health Plan’s Oregon Health Dignity Health Jobs program will save the state $2,218 per enrollee and $4,922 per employee per year, according to the plan’s website.

The program is aimed at creating jobs in the state’s health care industry and will also provide up to $1,000 in health savings for each Oregon resident.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with the state of Oregon and work with our Oregon Health Health Plan partners to create new jobs and opportunities for Oregonians,” said Rachel LeBoeuf, president and CEO of Oregon Health.

“Oregon Health Dignities has the potential to grow to a national model that will help us to attract and retain talented, talented, and caring individuals.”

The Oregon Health Plans annual budget is $5.4 billion.

It includes $1.8 billion in additional funding for Medicaid and $3.4 million in new funding for mental health services.

The health plan plans to announce additional jobs and job growth opportunities throughout the year.

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