How to save money on your health care bills

A new study suggests that the cost of prescription drugs is increasing as the cost to cover their costs rises as well.

According to a new study, the cost per pill is about twice as high as the average cost per month.

The study, conducted by the consulting firm Avalere Health, found that a standard prescription cost $17,000 per year, which translates into $3,400 per year.

A new study also found that people with higher incomes have lower prescription costs, even though their incomes are lower.

The study found that those with incomes below $50,000 had the lowest prescription costs and those with income over $75,000 were the highest.

However, for those with high incomes, the study found prescription costs were $5,800 per year higher than those who had a lower income.

The researchers say this is not surprising as a high cost of medicine can impact the quality of life, especially for those living in high-cost areas.

However the study also highlights the fact that even though prescription costs are increasing, the amount of money saved depends on the cost and the quality and type of medicine that is used.

According the study, one of the main reasons for this is the fact the drug companies make the drugs themselves and do not make it available to the healthcare providers, which means it is more expensive for patients to get the medication that is needed.

Avalere Health said in a press release that the study was based on information collected from over 2,000 patients.

“Our findings show that consumers are paying more for prescriptions that are less effective than those that are more effective,” the study said.