How to avoid the sun-soaked flu vaccine

The flu vaccine is a safe, effective and affordable way to protect your family and community against the flu, according to the Government.

Key points:The flu vaccine can be administered in any area, including a hospital, GP or GP surgeryThe flu is one of the most contagious and costly diseases in Australia, but is also a major cause of hospitalisationsIn a nationwide rollout, the Government is investing more than $400 million over four years to bring down the cost of the flu vaccineIn the past two years, the number of flu deaths in the country has risen from 1,066 in 2016 to more than 3,000 in 2017.

That’s an increase of more than 4,000 per week.

The Government is currently investing more $400m in the roll out of the influenza vaccine over the next four years.

It will be administered at any GP surgery, GP surgery or GP clinic, including at any of the nation’s 150,000 GPs.

“We have always said we’re prepared to pay for the cost if we have to, but the cost will be borne by patients and taxpayers,” Health Minister Jill Hennessy said.

“I’m confident the Government will make the right decisions and will not sacrifice the health of Australians or taxpayers.”

The Government has made the decision to spend more than four years investing in the national flu vaccine program.

It’s also in the process of rolling out a new national flu vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

This campaign will run across Australia by the end of the year, including the Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT.

“This is an important investment and it will mean that our communities and their families will have the best possible chance of surviving this pandemic,” Dr Hennessyd said.

“The Government will not stand by idly while our communities are at risk.”

These funds will go towards developing a vaccine and making sure we can safely administer it safely and efficiently.”‘

It’s not the end’The flu vaccination program is already operating in the community, and Dr Hennesd said the Government was confident this would continue to be the case.”

While this is not the final stage of this program, the fact that it is being rolled out to the community is a major step forward,” she said.

The government has committed to delivering all of its costs into the community’s pockets.”

Our focus is on delivering the best vaccine and providing the most cost-effective vaccine possible to the Australian people,” Dr Hendnessy added.”

It’s the right decision for the Government and for the community.

“Ms Hennessys office will be responsible for ensuring the vaccination campaign is rolled out and the vaccine is delivered.

She said the funding will be used for:1) a community vaccination campaign2) developing the best flu vaccine for use in community settings3) providing vaccine to community groups for distribution to the general public4) ensuring that community members have access to flu vaccine5) developing vaccines for the National Health and Medical Research Council6) supporting research into the effectiveness of flu vaccines7) delivering the flu vaccination.

Dr Hennessd said a national campaign was the best way to make sure Australians knew how to protect themselves and their family.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that the community has the most to lose if they do not get vaccinated,” she added.

The vaccine will be given to every Australian aged 18 years and over, and can be taken in a pharmacy or directly at a GP practice.